Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update on Spring garden

The transplants I planted last month are starting to take off. It has been a little cooler than usual the last several weeks so things have not been growing fast just yet. But I do now have some blooms on the tomatoes and squash, and most everything is looking pretty good.

The only disease issue I see right now is fungus on the cucumbers and peas - I mixed a teaspoon of baking powder with 32 oz water and sprayed on the cucumbers and peas to see if that will help clear up the fungus problems they seem to have. I also sprayed this same solution on the squash and collards as a preventive measure. The only other issue is that although the strawberry plants look healthy we have not seen any fruit - I believe birds or something else may be getting to the berries before they ripen. I need to put some kind of physical barrier over those plants when I can.

I am not sure how much good Calico is doing protecting the garden from rodents!