Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Spring Garden

Last weekend I cleared out the old vegetation that was left over from last season's garden. I am downsizing my garden a little bit this season. The raised bed gardens are so much easier that I removed my drip tubing from everywhere except the raised beds, and for this season I am only using my four raised beds. Also, I did not grow any new plants from seeds for this season, but instead I just used transplants for everything new this Spring. I still plan to raise more transplants from seed in the future, but to save time this season I skipped that step.
New vegetable garden planted out for this season - I finished painting my garden fence green, which really helps it blend into the landscape

This bed has some celery and parsley left over from previous seasons. I planted out new Marigold to help deter pests, Celebrity Tomatoes, Georgia Collard Greens, and Basil.

This bed has some Turnip left over, and I added Cilantro, Tomatoes, and Greens

This bed was primarily for peppers last year. I am skipping peppers this year because they were not as productive and I need to rotate my crops better. This bed now has Tomatoes, Zucchini squash, and Strawberries. I have never attempted to grow Strawberries before so I am interested to see how they do. The kids loved planting them. I may have to cover them with something to protect them from the birds.

This bed has some left over Mint, Lettuce, and Kale from previous seasons. I just added Cucumber, Peas, and Marigold.

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