Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Spring Garden

Last weekend I cleared out the old vegetation that was left over from last season's garden. I am downsizing my garden a little bit this season. The raised bed gardens are so much easier that I removed my drip tubing from everywhere except the raised beds, and for this season I am only using my four raised beds. Also, I did not grow any new plants from seeds for this season, but instead I just used transplants for everything new this Spring. I still plan to raise more transplants from seed in the future, but to save time this season I skipped that step.
New vegetable garden planted out for this season - I finished painting my garden fence green, which really helps it blend into the landscape

This bed has some celery and parsley left over from previous seasons. I planted out new Marigold to help deter pests, Celebrity Tomatoes, Georgia Collard Greens, and Basil.

This bed has some Turnip left over, and I added Cilantro, Tomatoes, and Greens

This bed was primarily for peppers last year. I am skipping peppers this year because they were not as productive and I need to rotate my crops better. This bed now has Tomatoes, Zucchini squash, and Strawberries. I have never attempted to grow Strawberries before so I am interested to see how they do. The kids loved planting them. I may have to cover them with something to protect them from the birds.

This bed has some left over Mint, Lettuce, and Kale from previous seasons. I just added Cucumber, Peas, and Marigold.

A few final harvests from last season

Here are several images of some harvests from last season's garden. This past winter was unusually warm for even Winter Garden Florida, and the cool season vegetables did not do so well. Unlike past seasons I had very little lettuce because it all tended to bolt early. However, here are a few things I did get from the garden over the past few months.
Harvested greens, turnip, lettuce, yellow pear tomatoes, peppers, Arugula, and Bok Choy leafs December 28th, 2012
Harvested lots of Arugula, mint, Turnip, Tomatoes, Parsley, Greens, and a couple of banana peppers on January 5th, 2013
Harvested some tomatoes and Arugula, and other lettuce on January 11th. It was really unusual to have tomatoes this late into winter.
Large harvest January 23rd
A few more tomatoes harvested January 24th
Lots of yellow pear tomatoes and some Japanese Plums harvested February 8th. These tomatoes were very prolific but did not have as great of flavor as others I have grown.
Some Arugula and tomatoes harvested February 17th. I picked these early because I was having some issues with birds getting the red tomatoes.
A few more tomatoes and a nice Turnip harvested February 28th
Georgia Collard Greens harvested March 9th