Saturday, November 10, 2012

Past Harvests - August 2012

Here are the harvests I had at the end of this past Summer.

Sweat basil, tomatoes, and green onion harvested August 3rd. The green onion has been very easy in this area and I will be sure to plant this again.
A few peppers harvested August 10th. The peppers did not really do too well this year. Not only did they not produce over the heat of the summer but the plants had some disease issues and died by fall. Next summer I may skip trying to keep sweet peppers going over the summer.
Malabar spinach and some peppers harvested August 13th. The Malabar spinach did quite well over the summer; however, I did not really like the way it tasted very much so I am not sure if I will plant it again or not.
Some okra that I let get too big to eat.
Some okra harvested August 24th that was pretty good.

Back eyed peas harvested August 24th that I really enjoyed.
Some seeds saved for next summer.
Some dried Yard Long beans that were not very good. These are much better fresh.
Lima beans, peppers, and okra harvested August 27th.

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