Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Harvests - Part Two

During the last few weeks I have done very little in the garden with the exception of some weeding and sowing some beans. However, here is a listing of the harvests I have collected during July 2012 from the plants that are still surviving the Florida summer heat.

A few Celebrity and Roma tomatoes and sweet peppers harvested on July 2nd
A couple of crisp peppers and a Roma tomato harvested July 5th
A few tomatoes with heat blisters harvested on July 6th
Several tomatoes and peppers harvested July 10th The sweet peppers are not getting as large due to the heat stress but they do turn nice colors and are very sweet.
Peppers, Tomatoes, and Georgia Collards harvested on July 14th
Several colorful sweet peppers and a few tomatoes harvested on July 18th
Carrots, peppers, and a couple of tomatoes harvested July 26th - the carrots are pretty tough and I probably should have have harvested them much earlier
A few remaining tomatoes and peppers harvested July 28th - these are not as good as the ones from a month ago but they are still edible


  1. Hi Jonathan...Sorry it has taken me so long to visit. I was busy relocating to a new home this summer and am starting to get back on track with my blogs.

    I'm amazed at your summer vegetable harvest. It's extremely hard to keep tomatoes going through a Florida summer but you have been very successful. Kudos to've obviously got a magic green thumb.

    1. Congratulations on your new home. Thanks for stopping by. I have not posted a lot this summer but I am trying to do a better job of tracking what does well and what does not during different times of the year for me.