Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summary of May 2012 Harvests

In spite of the issues I had this Spring with caterpillars and tree rats, I have been blessed with several very nice harvests. I have been busy the past few weeks and I have not updated this blog as often as I would have liked. In this post I will summarize the harvests I had last month from the vegetable garden.

Georgia Collard Greens harvested May 4th
First Tomatoes (Celebrity) harvested this season on May 10th
Chinese Cabbage, large Spaghetti Squash, Red and Green Romain, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes harvested on May 12th
Celebrity and Big Boy Tomatoes (picked early to save from the rats) and Acorn Squash harvested on May 14th
More tomatoes harvested May 15th, including one sampled by a rat. I picked a lot of my tomatoes early this year until I got the tree rat issue under control. But fortunately these ripened nicely inside.
A mix of Celebrity, Big Boy, and Roma tomatoes harvested on May 18th, included a few damaged by the tomato fruitworm and tree rats.

A few more tomatoes harvested on May 19th. These do not look that great here but they ripened nicely inside.
Bell pepper, Banana pepper, and Basil harvested on May 20th
More tomatoes harvested on May 21st to ripen inside
Large gold rush squash and peppers harvested on May 21st
Figs from my new fig tree harvested on May 22nd
Roma and Celebrity tomatoes harvested on May 23rd
Lots of previously harvested tomatoes from May after ripening inside several days
Mix of peppers, Cucumber, and Tomatoes harvested on May 24th
Dill and chives harvested May 24th
Cucumbers (last of the cucumbers for this season), Tomatoes, and Peppers harvested May 25th
More tomatoes harvested May 26th - the majority of my tomatoes matured within a few weeks - next season I need to spread out when I plant them a little bit
Sweet peppers harvested May 26th
Several tomatoes harvested May 30th - by this time the caterpillar and rodent issue was under control so with these I was able to let them more fully ripen on the vine before picking

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