Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reseeding front yard

I took a break from the vegetable garden to work on the front yard grass. I have St. Augustine in the front and sides and the side yards are doing very well. The back yard is Bahia and it is fine. However, the small areas around the front sidewalks and driveways tends to dry out in between watering days and then the St. Augustine goes downhill. I also noticed a lot of Palm tree roots in this area that are also helping this area to dry out much faster than the side yards. I decided to reseed just this area with Bahia.

The hardest part was removing the dead grass and weeds.
I used a hoe for this part and then I tilled up the area and raked it level.

I added some coarse vermiculite to improve the moisture retention.
Then I added some peat moss to also help with moisture retention.
Then I topped it off with some compost.

Then I tilled everything together with the existing sand.
Then I spread some Bahia grass seed.
I covered the seed with a light layer of additional compost and then topped with hay.
Finally I watered in the reseeded area.
Hopefully my neighbors will not mind too much that I will have a hay front yard for several weeks.

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