Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Garden all planted out

view from top of my screened porch facing north east of the vegetable garden today

view from back yard facing north east

some Turnips left over from winter and Acorn Squash

Chinese Cabbage from winter

Spaghetti Squash that was planted a couple of weeks ago

Rosemary from last year

A couple of Cabbages left over from winter

Nasturtium next to each squash mound was planted from seed a couple of weeks ago

garden I started last Fall with still quite a bit left over from winter - north row is Tomato - closest to view are carrots and Romaine lettuce and Swiss chard

new garden for this season - north row is tomato and gold rush summer squash - south row is red sails lettuce, basil, marigold, and Nasturtium

new garden for this season -- eight Tomato on north side and the rest are different types of sweet pepper

new garden for this season - north row is cucumber and tomato - south row is Nasturtium sprouts, peppermint, Romain, Basil sprouts, and Mustard

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