Saturday, March 31, 2012

Orange County Master Gardeners Plant Fair

I visited the Orange County Master Gardeners Plant Fair today for the first time.

Tom and Joani MacCubbin had an entertaining talk on their
top pics for all types of plants, shrubs, and trees for this area.

I really liked this native Florida plant (Beach Sunflower), and I would like to use it for ground cover in our front yard sometime.

They had a lot of displays and vendors for hydroponic gardening. I would like to try one of the floating raft designs sometime for lettuce and mint.

NFT system

My kids enjoyed making a worm farm sponsored by Our Vital Earth, Inc.

nice chart on why to eat organic when possible
They had a several examples of using the square foot gardening technique.

I need to use this as an example of when to harvest carrot - my kids seem to like to pull them long before they get this big!

I liked this design for holding small pots outdoors and would like to build something similar sometime.

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