Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vine Ripe Tomatoes in January

I was late starting the tomatoes last Fall because I had to rebuild the beds. However, due to no frost so far this winter in Winter Garden Florida we are still enjoying vine ripe tomatoes this Winter. In addition, we are enjoying lettuce, cabbage, snow peas, and greens.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring 2014 Vegetable Garden

Here are several pictures of what the garden looks like today.

sweet potatoes

Planting out the Spring 2014 Garden

Here are some pictures from several weeks ago of setting up the Spring 2014 Garden.

Some of the seeds were started around mid February, but I really should have started them earlier. I really did not have as much success this time using the peat pots, and I am planning on sticking with traditional seed starting mix going forward.

And here are a few pictures from March 25th, when I finished planting out most things for the Spring garden.

The kids especially enjoyed the sunflowers, which looked great for several weeks earlier this Spring.

I am trying a mosquito plant this year to see if it helps with keeping away some bugs.

The gold rush squash I started looked great for a couple of months, but as soon as it started warming up they went bad fast.